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Welcome to Liberty Force
Liberty Force is a Supergroup! We are a group of friends that play games to have fun and constantly challenge ourselves, not only individually, but also as a team. Overcoming these challenges is what makes games rewarding, and our first goal is to always have a good time. 

Liberty Force isn't about the number of members we have, but about how well we work together to accomplish common goals. To put it simply, we are people who are active players, work well with others, and still retain a sense of humor that allows us all to have a good time.
Members of Liberty Force

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                                                                                                                        Pictured: Burning Effigy,Lamorak,Cpt.Frostbite,Captain G.P,Strong Arm,Vespid Interest,Dr Rad,Night Siren,Police Woman,Kouhoutek
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